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Shan Prabhakaran

Over a decade of experience in Sales, Strategy, Project Management, and Channel Sales Management across Agri-tech, E-Commerce Logistics, and Automotive sectors. Founding Member of SmartShift (Mahindra’s first digital start-up), now known as Porter.

Rishabh Agarwal

Seasoned business practitioner with 14+ years of experience in both strategy & execution. Founding member of Mahindra’s digital e-mobility start-up – Glyd. Skilled in business modelling, product management, alliances & partnerships, business development & strategy formulation.

Bhaskara Rama Sai Busam
Chief Product Officer

Coming with over a decade of hands-on experience in product development. The journey in the tech industry has been marked by a deep understanding of JavaScript, a language wielded with finesse to craft innovative solutions. Passion for creating interfaces that not only look visually appealing but also function intuitively, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. Excel in bridging the gap between our products and our clients. Actively engage with our clients, delving into their experiences and expectations.

Anukriti Nawani

Transitioning from Commerce to Full Stack Development, Embracing Growth and Innovation in the Tech Industry! In the pursuit of knowledge and professional growth, a Commerce graduate eagerly dives into the world of coding and development. With learning and a growth mindset, there is excitement to embrace the fast-paced nature of the tech industry.

Rahul Ratheesh Kumar
Customer Experience & Operations

With more than 10+ years of experience in product design and development, reverse engineering, business development in various companies like Anchor-Panasonic, IDMC ltd, Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. nationally and internationally. Also successful in expanding the category in Couche-Tard in Ontario, Canada by achieving revenue of 3X in 2 years.

Sreejith Pisharath
Business Finance & Accounting

With more than a decade spent navigating the intricate world of financial analysis, fiscal operations and finalisation followed with audit support, enabled Ziptrrip in setting up the company & ensuring the compliance is managed keeping governance & integrity at the core. Proficient in designing the business case with a clear vision considering various nuances.

Jadyn Dias

Aspiring and highly motivated QA Tester with a deep-seated passion for Software Quality Assurance. Committed to ensuring the delivery of exceptionally high-quality software products that not only meet but exceed both functional and non-functional requirements. Dedication to this field drives a continuous refinement and enhancement of testing processes, guaranteeing that every project undertaken attains the highest standards of quality.

Leena Popat

Proficient in reservation management and logistics coordination, expertise in meticulous attention to detail and the optimization of operational efficiency within the travel industry is evident. A strong commitment to delivering exceptional service to clients and stakeholders is unwavering, resulting in long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. With a deep understanding of the intricacies of this dynamic industry, readiness to tackle the challenges and opportunities at hand is evident. Skills and dedication are consistently at the forefront.

The Everything platform for corporate travel.

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The Everything platform for corporate travel.

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