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Ziptrrip is a corporate travel startup focused on reducing travel cost & time for companies, while digitizing the travel booking experience. Ziptrrip helps corporates automate travel bookings, approval process & implement a dynamic travel policy through intelligent algorithms. We completely eliminate reliance on archaic travel agents, provide zero markup best-in-industry pricing & access to corporate fare with negligible cancellation fee along with other benefits.

Ziptrrip leverages deep tech & AI to understand customers travel patterns, policy compliance as well as provide the best value fares through meta supply created at the back end. The platform is present across 4 different access modes ie. web platform, mobile web, Android app & iOS app.

Ziptrrip Proposition

  • Addresses issues of manual interventions and auditing invoices, potentially saving 1000+ man-hours.
  • Reduces travel management costs.
  • Transparent Pricing - No hidden markups.
  • Allows for customised travel policies.
  • Simplifies expense reimbursement with a single click.
  • Provides reports and dashboards for data-driven decision-making.
  • Can be seamlessly integrated with various business solutions.
  • Prioritises convenience and ease of use for end-users.
  • Offers corporate fares on flights with added benefits.

Why Ziptrrip ?

1. CHROs & CFOs

  • Policy Control: CHROs can use Ziptrrip's dynamic policy design to implement and enforce travel policies that align with their company's hierarchy and spending objectives.
  • Employee Satisfaction: A user-friendly platform with features like one-click reimbursement and corporate fare options can enhance the travel experience for employees, contributing to higher job satisfaction.
  • Cost Management: Ziptrrip's reporting and dashboards enable CHROs to monitor and optimise travel spending, ensuring it aligns with the organisation's financial goals.

2. MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises)

  • Cost Savings: MSMEs can benefit significantly from Ziptrrip's cost reduction features, as they often have limited budgets for corporate travel.
  • Time Efficiency: The platform's automation and streamlined processes can save valuable time for MSME employees who manage travel arrangements and expenses.
  • Transparent Pricing: Transparent pricing helps MSMEs manage travel expenses more efficiently and plan their budgets effectively.

3. Company Admins (Participates in Smaller or Mid-sized Companies)

  • Efficiency: Company administrators can benefit from Ziptrrip's streamlined processes, reducing the time and effort required for travel management tasks.
  • Simplified Expense Management: Ziptrrip's digital everything approach simplifies expense management and reduces the administrative burden on company admins.
  • Transparency: Transparent pricing and reporting tools help admins track expenses and ensure adherence to travel policies.

4. Existing Big Travel Companies

  • Diversification: Big travel companies looking to expand their service offerings can consider Ziptrrip as a diversification opportunity into corporate travel management.
  • Technology Integration: Integration with Ziptrrip can enhance the technological capabilities of existing travel companies, providing more value to their corporate clients.
  • Competitive Advantage: By offering a comprehensive corporate travel management solution, these companies can gain a competitive edge and potentially attract a broader clientele.

5. Investors

  • Investment Potential: Ziptrrip offers a platform addressing the growing corporate travel management sector. Investors may see the potential for high returns in an industry that continuously evolves and adapts to technological advancements.
  • Scalability: AModular technology stack & collaborative GTM strategy makes Ziptrrip’s growth model scalable and sustainable at the same time.
  • Innovation: Ziptrrip's focus on innovation and user convenience can make it an attractive investment for those looking to support forward-thinking tech solutions in the corporate travel space.

The Everything platform for corporate travel.

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The Everything platform for corporate travel.

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